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Safe Cycling Skills

Safe Cycling Skills - A statistical investigation

Question: Are Karoro School senior students safe cyclists on the roads?

Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme facilitated by
the New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet. Helmets need to be
tightened under the chin and behind the head the ear straps on the side had to be under
the ears. Then we did the N check on our bike. First we had to check if all of the spokes
are there and none of them are broken. After that we checked if the tyre is pumped up.
Then we had to check if the handlebars had grip and there are no bar showing. Then we
checked if the bracket turned properly, if not then you had to tighten it. Then we did the
brakes to see if they worked properly. After that we checked if the pedals had reflections
on them after that we checked the gears and finally we checked if it had a back reflector
and that is the N check  

The second session involved a skills based session on the court. We had to go around
a course following the road rauls like signaling  and to stop successfully, Not over taking
other people.


Following the court session students participated in a road circuit skills session.
There were people placed around the circuit and marks were given for using the following
skills: We had to go over ramps and over a ladder lying down to see if we can keep our balance.
Look behind them and say what they see on a photo out loud.

One of the collated graphs showed these results.  I think that this shows that I need to work on:
Looking behind after hand signals and Checking for parked cars.

This graph shows that I'm good at correct hand signals and I need to work on looking behind
after hand signals. My recommendation is that all kids should at least learn the basic road rules.  

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