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Measurement Scavenger hunt

Measurement Scavenger Hunt
You may work on your own or with a buddy.  
You need photographic evidence of your recorded measurements.

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Can show that we have accurately calculated perimeters of 2D / 3D shapes.
         Find an object that has
an area of 20 cm²        
Find an object that is
exactly 1 cm long

Find an object that has a perimeter of approximately
10 cms There is a plus or minus of 1.5 cms

Find an object that has an area larger than 10 metres²
Find an object that is 4cm wide
Create two different shapes that
each have an area of 24cm²

Locate an item that is ⅓  of a metrehigh.

Find an object with a perimeter of 1 metre
Measure the length of the tallest girl or boy in the class and compare this to the length of the shortest (currently) girl or boy in the class.

Max (173 cm)    
Grace (150cm)
23cm between them

Find an object that has a perimeter of 1 metre

Record your information onto a table on a document.  Insert your
photographs into the table to support your recordings.

You have 45 minutes to complete the scavenger hunt and to present your

Monday, 25 June 2018


I am learning to locate the main ideas within the text.
I will have been successful in my reading when:

  • I have read each of these articles
  • I have written two or three complete paragraphs to summarise the key ideas within these three articles.

Retrieval Questions:
  1. What is the abbreviation for the International Space Station? ISS is the abbreviation for international space station
  2. The International Space Station orbits the Earth how many times in a day? The ISS can orbit up to 16 time a day
  3. How high above the Earth is the International Space Station’s orbit? 320 to 400 kilometers
  4. Many countries have worked together to build the International Space Station. How number of countries does the article state? 16 countries including USA, Russia, Japan, Canada
  5. Why is the International Space Station one of the brightest objects in the night sky? Its large solar panels make it one of the brightest objects in the night sky
  6. What direction does the International Space Station move in? The international space station rises in the west and sets in the east this must mean it's moving east.
  7. What is the main purpose behind the Columbus lab on the International Space Station? To study things that they can’t study on earth.
  8. How did ‘Columbus’ get to the International Space Station?  Columbus was delivered to the ISS by Shuttle Atlantis and attached to the Harmony module on 11 February 2008.


The largest object ever put in orbit is the International Space made by 16 countries. The International space station is 400 to 320 kilometers above our heads. The International space station can orbit 16 times a day. Columbus was delivered to the ISS by Shuttle Atlantis and attached to the Harmony module. Scientists are also able to study in the Columbus lab. Some experiments take place outside Columbus, in open space.

Parvana Book Review

  “Parvana” By Deborah Ellis Illustrated by Associated press 1996

Have you read the book “Parvana”? I have, I think it's very interesting and a great
book over all.  “Parvana” is a fiction and contemporary fiction
(a thing that could be happening now)book because this could be happening to
any family in the world right now.

This book has many settings.
The first one is  Afghanistan with the bright sun shining down on a ginormous market,
with stands and tea shops with lots of people running around with food and items.
There are also broke down houses and buildings from giant bombs that have been
dropped onto the town. The second setting is in the house of Parvana and her family the
house has a high window painted over.

The story starts out with Parvana and her Dad walking in the market and sitting down in
there mat in the market later on her dad gets dragged out of there housse by tibilen gardes
and taken to jail. Parvana needs to step up in her family.  She cut her hair shorter and
changes her everyday clothes to look like a boy so she can go shopping and sell items for
money so they can live.

The message I got from the book was that life was strict.
Only boys and men were allowed out on the streets alone and had to do the shopping
and get the water for the family.

My opinion of this book is that this is a good book because it's describing what is
happening in other countries that we don't think about as much as the richer countries.
I also understood that this could happen that any moment in life no matter where you live.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Basic python syntax

Basic python syntax

Today we had to go through Tina and learn how to change the color and change the angle its going in. First I had to make a number_list and then chose an angle for tina to move in and an angle for tina to turn. I also had changed the color for every shape.

here is some of the code I used
for number in number_list:

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