Monday, 12 March 2018

Safe Cycling Skills

Safe Cycling Skills - A statistical investigation

Question: Are Karoro School senior students safe cyclists on the roads?

Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme facilitated by
the New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet. Helmets need to be
tightened under the chin and behind the head the ear straps on the side had to be under
the ears. Then we did the N check on our bike. First we had to check if all of the spokes
are there and none of them are broken. After that we checked if the tyre is pumped up.
Then we had to check if the handlebars had grip and there are no bar showing. Then we
checked if the bracket turned properly, if not then you had to tighten it. Then we did the
brakes to see if they worked properly. After that we checked if the pedals had reflections
on them after that we checked the gears and finally we checked if it had a back reflector
and that is the N check  

The second session involved a skills based session on the court. We had to go around
a course following the road rauls like signaling  and to stop successfully, Not over taking
other people.


Following the court session students participated in a road circuit skills session.
There were people placed around the circuit and marks were given for using the following
skills: We had to go over ramps and over a ladder lying down to see if we can keep our balance.
Look behind them and say what they see on a photo out loud.

One of the collated graphs showed these results.  I think that this shows that I need to work on:
Looking behind after hand signals and Checking for parked cars.

This graph shows that I'm good at correct hand signals and I need to work on looking behind
after hand signals. My recommendation is that all kids should at least learn the basic road rules.  

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

summer learning journey

I have Registered for the summer learning journey and I hope others do it to :)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cube DLO

Paragliding Mystery

       Paragliding Mystery

The sun was rising with no sound at all in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua had a sewage smell in the air. There were banana trees, shops and bikes on the side of the road.  Heidi, Mark and Sean were waiting for the wind to change to the south. Heidi started to walk around unpashintle
“ Calm down Heide,” Said Sean trying to calm her down.
“ I’m tired of waiting for the wind,” Heidi said impatiently.
“Come look at the wails jump out of the water,’’ Sean says with excitement.
From the top of the mountain they could see some whales jumping out of the water like little fish.

Screenshot 2017-11-06 at 9.59.45 AM.pngIt was about 10 minutes before the wind changed.  Mark took off first with his long jeans dragging on the ground then Sean and finally Heidi took off. They were up there for ages.

There was a big cloud called a cumulonimbus which could be dangerous to paragliders. Everyone was trying to land but Sean, Mark and Heidi got sucked up into it. Everyone was worried. All they could see were three paraglider wings and then nothing was there. They were circling for so long above the cumulonimbus Sean began to wonder if they would ever land again then Sean passed out.

Later Sean woke up on an island and there was no one in sight. For a second he was scared but then he heard a groan under his wing and it was Mark and Heidi.
“Are you ok!?” asked Sean.
“Yes,” groaned Mark and Heidi.

Screenshot 2017-11-06 at 9.59.29 AM.png
They were confused and didn't know where they were.
“We need to find shelter,” Mark insisted.
“And we need a campfire to keep warm,” noted Heidi
“I will go and find some wood for the fire while you two make a shelter,” suggested Sean.
“ Ok and get a lot because we need it to last us through the night,” said Mark.
“Ok!” yelled Sean walking into the woods.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 at 10.20.39 AM.pngIt was getting dark and Sean was not back. Mark and Heidi had finished the hut.  Then Mark saw Sean in the distance with a lot of wood behind him on a big flax trailer he made. Later Sean finally made a fire
“How  did you find all of this wood?” said Mark
                                                                    “I climbed some trees with lots              of wood between two  branches,” said Sean  
“Nice,” said Mark.
The next day Mark and Sean climbed up this hill that was a volcano but they did not know that it was a volcano. When the felt a breeze they stop to measure the wind. It was 2 knots which is not near enough to fly. So they walked down back to the hut where eidi was cooking breakfast
“What's for breakfast?” asked Sean

“Eggs!!” snapped Heidi
“Where did you get them from?” wondered Mark
“There are some chickens wandering the island,” Heidi exclaimed in surprise.
They all ate the eggs and then Mark and Heidi went to get leaves for the roof for the hut they were staying in. Sean stayed and cleaned up the hut.  He made pillows from the harnesses.  He thought of using the wings as blankets but then he knew they had the keep them in one piece for when the wind was right.  Instead he got some flax and made three long blankets of flax and then he had a little nap.

In the woods Mark and Heidi had a lot of leaves in their arms.  They went back to the hut and when they got there they saw Sean was sleeping.
“WAKE UP!” yelled Mark.
Sean jumped with surprise.
“How long were you there for?”  Sean said with surprise.
“Two minutes,” judged Mark.
“Okay,” said Sean with relief.
“Lunch,’’ yelled Heidi.
“ I’ll race you there,” challenged Sean.
“ You’re on!” replied Mark.
They ran.  Sean was ahead by a good ten meters but then Mark put on the gas and ran with all of his heart and he won.
“YES!” Marked yelled.
“Nice,”  Sean gasping for air.
When they finished lunch Sean went to have a swim in the sea. After he came back
“Mark,” he yelled.
“What is it?” Asked Mark.
“Look at this stone,’’ said Sean with excitement.
“ It looks like a manaia,” Yelled Mark with excitement.
“I'm going to show Heidi,” whispered Sean.
“Heidi!” yelled Sean.
“What!’’ Heidi Yelled.
“Look I found a manaia,’’ Sean cheered.
“Cool,” Heidi replied.
Later they went to sleep in the hut Sean had the manaia in his hands.

Two weeks and 4 days went by, as usual Mark and Sean went up on the hill but this time there was smoke so they want to have a look and they found out that it was a volcano not a hill Sean meshed the wind it was 10 knots.
“10 notes!” Sean yelled.
“ Let's tell Heidi!” Mark yelled.
Sean and Mark ran down the volcano to the hut where Heidi was sitting.
“Heidi!” yelled Sean and Mark
“What,” Heidi asked confused
“VOLCANO!’’ Sean Screamed
“ Is the wind between 9 and 13 knots?’’
“Yes it’s at 10 knots,’’ Sean yelled
“ Let's go,” yelled Mark.
They grabbed their wings and harnesses and ran up hill. The hooked into their harnesses. Sean went first, he was away. He circled the Island until Mark and Heidi  got in the air and there was just Mark to get up, but the volcano erupted and Mark was still on the island. Rocks were flying in the air,  Mark runs and jumps.  Sean and Heidi can't see Mark because of the smoke, there was nothing, but then Sean sees Mark.
“Look there he is!” yelled Sean with excitement.
“Let's go home guys,” said Mark on the radio.

It took them 142 minutes to get back to the mainland.  When they landed everyone was happy to see them again.
For the three adventures this is something they never want to experience again.                                 


Circle DLO