Wednesday, 26 September 2018

participated and contributed SOLO

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my learning this week: I completed
my dragon maths on time.
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my environment this week: Pick up
rubbish, putting out the radicalising and eliminating plastic.
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my family this week: I have made
dinner for my family and vacuuming the hole house.  
Ways in which I have participated  in and contributed to the local community this week:
I have helped the community by doing road patrol, I have helped my school by being a
librarian and a P.E moneter.

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to the global world this week: posted
things on my blog for people see and comment on.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Toondoo Resilience
By wingman0242 | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon
WALT create a cartoon on Toondoo
WALT convey a specific message to our audience related to our topic work.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


This author is trying to persuade the reader to think what
they think about Refugees. The author has got an equally thort way for Refugees and against Refugees. If you read it forwards it is against having Refugees. If you read it backwards it is for having the refugees in the world.Image result for refugees
If you read it one way it is agreeing and the other way
is disagreeing with the refugees. In my opinion I think refugees should get a second chance for life and live in
peace without war. These people are in need of help.

By Sean

Purerehua DLO

Saturn's War

                       Saturn’s war
I could see the sun's light dying from the floating lab
in Saturn's atmosphere.  The darkness from the
moon came to scare the sun’s light away from me. I walk
slowly to the dark, cold kitchen.

I see Jeff the scientist in the laboratory studying some
shining star dust from the rings of Saturn. We had picked
the dust up on the way to the floating gray station. I opened
the cold fridge for some sparkling water. I looked out to the
dark and cold outside and I saw a little Alien
“JEFF!,’’ I called
“What? What?” Jeff asked in a worried voice.
”Look out there. It's an alien!’’ I cried
“I don't see anything. Stop wasting my time John,”
I looked back into the dark, deep space and it was gone. It was
like it was never there.

Inside Saturn there was a city of aliens. In the middle of the city
there was a tall creamy colored castle and inside there was a
king his name was Selapoc and a slave called Scoopla.
“So Scoopla tell me one more time what you sore on the surface
of our planet” In a controlive voice
“I saw h h h humans in a f f floating thing!”  Scoopla cried
“Then we must attack and see what they want”
“Scoopla get me the army of...’’    
‘‘I'm telling you I saw an alien’’ John cried
“Stop fooling around aliens don't exist” Jeff yelling at John
“Ok”John says in a sad voice Jeff walks into his lab to do
experiments on the rocks and gases of Saturn meanwhile
in saturn Selapoc and his slave Scoopla ran swiftly   to the
army of CATS dun dun dun
“Meow meow meow meow” Selapoc meowed to the cats
“You know they talk english sir” Scoopla told his master
“Th they do?”Selapoc Says in confusion
“I new that. What they do? ” Asked selapoc  
“Yes we do” yelled one of the cats
“Ok sorry” Selapoc apologise to the cat army

Back in the Space Station John was lying in his bed while
Jeff was having dinner Jeff looked into Johns room.

“John?” Jeff asked
John did not respond
“He's probably a sleep” Jeff imagened

In side of John's dream there was a big army with two aliens
leading one was on a big thrown and one was walking behind
the walking behind looked like the alien that he sore outside
the window  then the army started to run at the lab and burnt
it and blow it up with John and Jeff in side then John woke
up he looked over to the lab Jeff was not there we walked over
to his room and looked in side he was not there a John heard
a moan from the kitchen he ran when he got to the kitchen he
sore Jeff with big red cuts all over like cats had scratched him.
“Jeff are you ok!?,” John asked in a worried voice
“Who did this to you?”John asked
“The Aaa aliens with a Ccc cat army” Jeff cried
“You sore aliens?”Asked John
“Yyy yes i'm sorry that I judged you John” Jeff apologise
“It's ok”John expand

In the Casel the cat army was half the size and Scoopla was
cut up and sore the cat leader was making another plan to attack
Jeff and John again. Meanwhile in the lab John was helping Jeff
“So tell me what happened?” asked John                                                         
“There was an army of cats and two aliens one was on a thrown
Jeff explained
“Hello this is NASA space station do you copy” John and Jeff
heard on the radio
“Saturn space station here” Jeff ripley's
“Are you ok we see that you were under attack” the radio says
in a worried voice “are you ok,”
“Yes we are fine”John takes over the radio
“We are sending back up!!” the radio yelles
“THIS MEANS WAR” John Yelles
“back up will be there in 6 months 10 days ok”
“OK” Jeff calmly replied

It had been 6 months and 10 days
“Backup should be here in 6 minutes” Jeff  told
“I know that you have told me 10 times now!!” John yelled
Then they heard a loud rumbling sound and looked out the
window there was big space base.
“Make that now” John told Jeff
“What do you mean,” Jeff asked
“There here”John replied
John and Jeff ran to the other window to see what they were
doing the door opens with a loud bang.
“wow!”John and Jeff yelled
Someone walked in with a big pack on his back
“O hi Mark,” John greeted
“John is, is that you”Mark cried
“Yes”John moned
“Do you to know each other?”Jeff asked
“Sadly yes”John moned
“We are brothers”Mark announced

A week later John, Jeff and Mark and the hole space team
had set off to kill the aliens that had attacked John and Jeff
“Are you all ready!!” Mark yells
“YES!!”everyone else yells
“No not really” One person yells
“Well to bad we are going in 3 2 1”Mark yells
The ship starts to sink into saturn 2 minutes later they can
see the big casil and a big cat army
“You never told me that it was a cat army”Mark said in confusion
When the ship lands everyone runs out and starts to attack while
Jeff, John and Mark ran into the casil with two big bags of C-4
“Quick put this C4 everywhere!” Jeff yells
“Scoopla can you tell me what is going on out there”selapoc asks
“Ok”Scoopla moans
“There is a big war going on out there sir”Scoopla explained
“I'm out of C4” Jeff yells
“Me to”Yells Mark
“Let's get out of here!!” yelled John
As Jeff,John, and Mark are running out there are dead bodies
on the ground
“Retreat retreat!!” Mark yells
Everyone is running into the ship there is still one boy fighting
“Come ON!!”Mark yells
As soon as everyone was going to lose hope Jeff jumps out
of the ship and kills the cat he is fighting
“Come on!”Jeff yells
“What's happening?” the boy askes
“We are retreating”Jeff says
The boy and Jeff jump into the ship and closes the door
“What was that!!” Mark yells at the boy
“You could of died!”Mark shouts at the boy
“I'm sorry”the boy apologizes
“Sorry won't cut it this time”Mark yells once again
The boy runs off crying
“Look what you did now!”Jeff yells at Mark
“He could of got you and himself killed”Mark shoots back at him
Jeff takes a deep breath
“Well we didn't die and we are fine so can we please finish the
mission?”Jeff asks
“Fine”Mark conplanse
Mark,Jeff and John were all looking out of the window at saturn
“3 2 1” Mark counts down
On 1 Jeff pushed a button and BOOM!! Saturn blows up
“What just Happened?!”Mark yelled
“We accidently blew up Saturn”Jeff replied
“I think we all just lost our jobs”John announce



Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Measurement Scavenger hunt

Measurement Scavenger Hunt
You may work on your own or with a buddy.  
You need photographic evidence of your recorded measurements.

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Can show that we have accurately calculated perimeters of 2D / 3D shapes.
         Find an object that has
an area of 20 cm²        
Find an object that is
exactly 1 cm long

Find an object that has a perimeter of approximately
10 cms There is a plus or minus of 1.5 cms

Find an object that has an area larger than 10 metres²
Find an object that is 4cm wide
Create two different shapes that
each have an area of 24cm²

Locate an item that is ⅓  of a metrehigh.

Find an object with a perimeter of 1 metre
Measure the length of the tallest girl or boy in the class and compare this to the length of the shortest (currently) girl or boy in the class.

Max (173 cm)    
Grace (150cm)
23cm between them

Find an object that has a perimeter of 1 metre

Record your information onto a table on a document.  Insert your
photographs into the table to support your recordings.

You have 45 minutes to complete the scavenger hunt and to present your